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Date: October 6, 2013
Comment: I love going to the Wolf Expo each year. Education is key with any controversial topic. It's wonderful to have this type of symposium on Long Island. Thank you Theresa for your hard work, and to all of the participants.
Date: August 12, 2013
Comment: My 9 year old daughter and her best friend raised $700.00 and donated it to The Wolf Conservation Center ! The staff was nice enough to allow both families to visit and have a howl with the wolves. We never knew about the Wolf Expo until they told us about it, and you can bet we will be there!
Date: June 29, 2013
Comment: Hi, I'm a middle schooler writing from Utah. I just want to say that I absolutely adore wolves, and am so overjoyed at what you are doing for them. After I submit this comment, I'm going to try talking my mom into donating some money to your foundation. Keep up the hard work, and tell all of those wonderful wolves of yours that I say hi! Thanks again, bye!
Date: October 14, 2012
Comment: I love wolves!  Ive never been to the wolf expo, but my friend did today. You guys should be open more then one day, so I can come and also can others too.
Date: October 5, 2012
Comment: Takoda's picture is so beautiful.  Have a Great 2012 Expo.  Your work is so important.  Love to you, Penny
Date: October 4, 2012
Comment: Hello, I'm Lorenza and I'm writing from Italy. I discovered your site only today... and I find it absolutely GREAT!!! Thank you for all the beautiful things you do for the wolves!! They are wonderful creatures, and they sure don't deserve the bad reputation they had in the past... which was only a consequence of the evil that, unfortunately, dwells in the heart of man. Thank you again!!!!!
Date: September 18, 2012
Comment: im happy to see the work and time you put into all the info you make available for others to know i am the proud parent of a alpha female, grey timber wolf hybrid (she is very high content )   she is my everything my companion my friend, playmate and yes there are alot of quirks about the wolf that most should know they are definatly not for everyone be prepared to share a major part of your time ps. her name is Harley shes 7 1/2 months old and about 65.lbs she is accually my second.   my best to Running with the Wolves for your work.
Date: June 9, 2012
Comment: Hopefully I will be attending this years expo, and will be posting info on a couple of sites I visit with the info for the expo. Thanks for all you do in helping the cause of the wild wolf. Lyn Conklin
Date: June 9, 2012
Comment: There should be a law to stop the killing of wolves. The wolf has gotten a bad name from the movies and books that portray them as killers. None of that is true in any way. The government should make it a law to stop the killing of wolves , plus all other animals that people slaughter. I will be attending Lonislands Based 501 (c)3 Non-For-Profit Organization Fund Raiser on June 10, 2012 AT Middle Country Beer Garden which is in Center reach, Longisland, ny They are Hosting its biggest fund raiser for L.I"s Ambassador Wolf "TAKODA". THEY SHOULD HAVE MORE INFORMATION AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC ON THE HISTORY OF THE WOLF SO PEOPLE WILL UNDERSTAND THEM. They are truly a beautiful and spiritual animal that should be protected at all costs.
Date: March 25, 2012
Comment: Just found out about Running With The Wolves last night at the second chance wildlife rescue swap night. 
We are members of Wolf Hollow in Ipswich Mass.  This website is fantastic. Looking forward to October.
 TY for all that you do Judi Romeo :)
Date: March 16, 2012
Comment: This is so cool I am using this for my story thanks
Date: March 16, 2012
Comment: Nice job saving the wolves :) XD
Date: March 5, 2012
Comment: Thank you for all you're doing for the wolves! My daughter absolutely loves wolves. I was wondering if you have a program that allows kids to see first hand how and what you do. Gayle
Date: February 4, 2012
Comment: Great site! Lots of info and cool pictures.
Date: February 1, 2012
Comment: I love wolves and this site!!!!!!! When my friend and i are reaserching about wolves we ran through this site!!!!!!!!
Date: January 20, 2012
Comment: As I cruise through your lovely site I feel I am close to home....for those of us who understand the agreements with the wild ones, it is a pleasure to run alongside you, quenching our thirsty spirits together, in love for our wild cousins and for all of life.
Date: January 3, 2012
Comment: I love this website. It's so informative and any step to help others understand wolves and protect them is something
I adore even more. Thank you for all that you do!
Date: October 10, 2011
Comment: my dogs are my wolves
Date: September 8, 2011
Comment: Woof! Beautiful website, thank you for supporting non-humans such as wolves. Efforts like yours helps convince humans and human society as a whole to respect non-humans. Non-humans have an incredibly long steep hill to climb in that regard as they have very few "rights". Humans can be incredibly egotistical elitist animals.
Howls, licks, and wags,
Date: September 2, 2011
Comment: So happy to have reconnected with you and looking so forward to the event! It will be just like the old times!!! Liz B
Date: August 12, 2011
Comment: I am a wolf activist and will not stop trying to help save them!!!
Date: May 27, 2011
Comment: Hi Teresa, I dropped in on this site by accident, and I am so glad I did. Is there nothing we can do to stop the hunting of wolves in Alaska, it is so wrong. Canada and even Switzerland also allow the hunting of this beautiful animal, Some friends and I, all wolf lovers, have formed our own pack, I am known as Lonewolf, my wife is Ohoyo, and others have adopted the names of real wolves, a social group all with the same interest. Keep up the good work, Barry (Lonewolf) from England
Date: May 1, 2011
Comment:  Hi Teresa and Volunteers. My name is Marc Cooke and I am a wolf advocate at ground zero for hating of wolves. I live in Montana and reach out daily to get the good word out on wolves. I would like to thank you for all you are trying to do to help Americas wolves.
Keep up the good work! Marc
Date: April 14, 2011
Comment:  Hi Teresa, See you in October for this wonderful, exciting event. Tommy and I and a couple of friends will be there.
Thank you for all you do for our wildlife and especially wolves.
See you soon, Anita from Lindenhurst NY
Date: March 26, 2011
Date: March 12, 2011
Comment:  Hi Teresa...passing the site along via Facebook.  Sorry we won't be able to make the next expo.  Love ya girl and keep up the good work. Stephie and Ed
Date: March 1, 2011
Comment:  Fabulous site.  Why do the majority of humans think that they are so superior and have the right to hurt, kill and brag about it.  Humans/Humane mmmm perhaps that is the wrong term to call these beings. Bogusia Melbourne Australia
Date: February 19, 2011
Comment:  I just love this website, between the soothing music playing while you are reading the articles, and the very educational information. When my birthday comes around in June, I Will make sure to "Adopt A Wolf". I would love to learn more about, and attend the Wolf expo but I live in Buffalo, New York and It would be over a 6 hour drive one way. Thank You so Much for educating the public on Wolves. Sincerely, Robert Phillips, 14 and a half years old. 9th grade.
Date: February 9, 2011
Comment:  I just cried when I learned that people are killing wolves... It's just, just plain wrong. Wolves should live in their habitat, it's rightfully there's. I stumbled on this website looking on Google. I'm glad I Clicked this link. I'm making a story about were-wolves. This information was really helpful. My story is called The Wolf. (The Moon chronicles)-Sincerely, Your Wolf Friend, Brianna 10 and a half. 5th grade. (P.S) Me and my friend, Sadie would love to go to the wolf expo, but we live in Wakausha and I don't think we have enough money.... From. Bree. ;)
Date: February 9, 2011
Comment:  To. All my good wolf friends From. Your wolf spirit, Brianna. I have a siberian Husky named Juno she's 1 year old. Almost. I'm turning eleven, in 4 months.... Good' ol' June 9th, If I get money for my birthday I'm going to use it to "Adopt a Wolf." Yours truly, Brianna.
Date: November 3, 2010
Comment: My son and I saw your expo in Smithtown, enjoyed the time their very much.  The wolves where just majestic and beautiful to see.  We have a two year old Siberian husky, female "KIKI", just adorable and does not bark, growls like and talks to us in that way....I see the difference in her and wolves, just beautiful they were . . .FRANK  E. NPT
Date: November 3, 2010
Comment:  It's so nice to know that there are fellow wolf "protectors" on Long Island. I've been to wolf events in Albany and Westchester.  I wish you success on spreading the word about these beautiful animals.
Date: November 2, 2010
Comment:  I think wolves are loving creatures I really don't think wolves mean to hurt people I think we just scare them I think shooting wolves should be illegal.
Date: October 29, 2010
Comment: I'm writing a fictional book with wolves in it, and I've read multiple books on them, but some things were never addressed. Your site answered all those questions. Thank you. The information will greatly help.
Date: October 19, 2010
Comment: Stumbled into this site by chance but I am sure glad I clicked on that link. You definitely answered all the questions.
Date: October 4, 2010
Comment: Teresa – Thank You for including me again in such a fabulous show…you did a great job (as usual:) I enjoyed meeting some new great people!!! Your Got balls…TNR (trap neuter release) friend Merri xox
Date: September 23, 2010
Comment: Can't wait for the expo found out about it about a year ago from another wolf lover.  I've been in love with wolves ever since I saw the movie "Never Cry Wolf"
Date: September 20, 2010
Comment: This is the first time I've heard that there is a Wolf expo on L.I and I hope to go. It was a surprise to hear that they are still killing wolves ever since Farley Mowat's book (Never Cry Wolf) was made into a movie I thought the out cry would have stopped this cowardly practice.
Date: September 15, 2010
Comment: I kept missing the expo, this year I will make it!
Date: September 14, 2010
Comment:  Hi Teresa, We are so looking forward to your show this year. We had a great time last year.
See you in October. Take care, Anita & Tommy
Date: September 14, 2010
Comment:  Hi Teresa, I just came across your ad.  I thought I was just one a very few LI wolf lovers. Some say I’m crazy about wolves, everything from home décor to clothing is wolf related. I too have been supporting Wolf /wildlife organizations, and often visit local Lakota wolf preserve in NJ. I’ve named my Siberian Huskies after wolves. I’ve raised dogs all my life and with the energetic Siberian Huskies I’ve recently got into Dog scootering/ Dog joring (mushing for both winter & summer). I look forward to educate/make people aware how magnificent wolves are. Can’t wait to see you at the Long Island 7th Wolf Expo Sunday Oct 3, 2010 Tom C
Date: July 1, 2010
Comment:  Hi Teresa...Looking forward to this September's show.  Have a bunch of people waiting for the where and when info.  Also, we have a baby that needs to learn about these magnificent creatures as well.
Ed & Stephie
Date: May 18, 2010
Comment: Wolfs are awesome! Thank you so much for the info and awesome pics!!!!

Date: January 7, 2010
Comment:  Hi Teresa, Happy New Year!! Anything on the agenda coming up for our wolves? Let me know.
Take care, Anita, Lindenhurst, NY
Date: January 5, 2010
Comment:  I cannot express by typing that my passion for wolves is so great that given the choice to be a wolf or human, it'd be wolf every time. Thank you for saving the wolves!
Thank you so much!
Date: December 6, 2009
Comment: Can a wolf appreciate human kindness and if so can that be passed to the rest of the pack?
Date: November 14, 2009
Comment:  Wow this is so interesting! I send out postings for animals in need and wolves emails have been amongst them. We must stop the slaughter!
Date: October 5, 2009
Comment:  Teresa, thank you for another wonderful expo. You have done such a great thing giving people a place to meet, share and learn about our wolves, all wolves. I also must say the memorial for Ukia left me breathless, literally. You even brought a tear to Jerry's eye.  Ukia took a piece of my soul with him the day he left me, its people like you who have made his tragic loss almost bareable. Thank you my friend, from my family.....and my pack.  Michelle
Date: October 5, 2009
Comment:  Aunt "Tee"
I was at the expo this year, I saw it from a different point of view. I was watching instead of being watched. It was strange but good. The show was wonderful, educational and the wolves were all beautiful. Especially Sitka, but I'm partial to her! I saw my mom struggled this year, but it will get easier for her as the years go bye. The memorial was very touching and so thoughtful, thank you. I miss you all too, very much and Im sorry I had to go with such short notice, but it was better then a long drawn about goodbye, those are sometimes tougher. I know its been hard on you all, but I'm here, and now I AM your true spirit wolf, Im with you all, always, and I promise you, that you will feel me now and then. AND if you are quite, if you listen close I promise you will hear me....howls from heaven
Love, you know who
Date: September 29, 2009
Comment:  Hi Teresa, Just wanted to say that I had a wonderful time being a part of the expo. I loved seeing the wolves and being amongst people that share the love of wolves like I do. Its like a family or wolf pack. I wish I could do more for wolves. I do belong to Defenders of Wildlife and make contributions when I can. Do you have any other suggestions? Well hope you rested up after the event and talk soon. Take care Anita
Date: September 28, 2009
Comment:  As soon as I left the expo I went and got this. How much do I love wolves? Damn I missed Ukia today. Love you. Robin.....
Date: September 28, 2009
Comment:  Hey Teresa, Just wanted to let you know that Eddie and I thought it was a wonderful wolf expo and hopefully it bought alot of awareness to people who were new to the show. Also again We will miss Ukia and you and the rest of the people close to him have our deepest sympathy. May the Goddess have him running free and happy in the summerlands. ~Blessings Stephanie and Eddie
Date: September 28, 2009
Comment:  Thanks so much for a bringing these beautiful wolves to Long Island for all of us to share. What a special treat. I had a great time being in the company of people who share my same love of wolves.   Anita - Lindenhurst NY
Date: September 27, 2009
Comment: We Miss You Ukia aka Tony.
Date: September 27, 2009
Comment: Beautiful Wolves, most enjoyable.. God Bless You.
Date: September 27, 2009
Comment: Just Outrageous!!!
Date: September 26, 2009
Comment:  Although you probably won't read this till after the fact, wanted to let you know that my grandaughter and I will be at the Expo. This will be my 4th Expo, and I'm really looking forward to it.  Lyn Conklin
Date:  September 23, 2009
Comment: Hi Teresa, I will be at the expo this year, cant wait to meet your wolves and also to be a part of this wonderful event. Thanks for doing what you do for the wolves.
Anita-Lindenhurst NY
Date:  September 22, 2009
Comment:  Looking forward to Sunday. Keep up the great work
Date:  September 18, 2009
Comment:  Very nice site!
Date:  September 17, 2009
Comment:  I have always been a wolf lover, I collect wolf plates, and other wolf items, in fact, my bathroom is all wolf decor, a beautiful web site, didn't know there was an organization on Long Island specifically dedicated to wolves keep up the great work, am looking forward to the expo!  God bless you! Patti Walker-Islip Terrace
Date:  September 11, 2009
Comment:  Thank you for helping to fix what the idiots who try to keep wolves and hybrids as pets. The thing that bothers me most is that the vast majority of the population has no idea what a wolf actually needs in order to be healthy. It appears that you are aware of what to do. Thanks again.
Date:  August 19, 2009
Comment:  Hi I'm a HUGE wolf lover and I will take a bullet for one.  I stand by you in your fight to save wolves!!! Keep it up!
Date:  August 12, 2009
Comment: I'm so glad I re-found this site! You have a very wonderful and thorough page about wolf anatomy! Very useful and interesting!  It's always great to see wolves get some appreciation and love!
Date:  May 14, 2009
Comment:  Hi, you have a great site!
Date:  April 16, 2009
Comment:  Hope you got my E Mail. As of now the animal in question has found a home. Will contact if any further news updates.  Thanks fellow wolf lover, for all you do for all our four footed friends.   Sawtooth aka Lyn
Date:  December 12, 2008
Comment:  Wow!!! What a great sight. My husband collects wolves articles. We would like to attend this expo in 2009.
Please let us know when it is. - Dakota
Date:  November 29, 2008
Comment: Hey wolf the site, love what you guys do for the wolves, love seeing you at all the different expos, but even more than all that, we love you! Keep up the good fight and count on us for anything. -Ed and Stephie
Date:  November 20, 2008
Comment:  Just having increased my canine pack to 3. I've found your Site extremely interesting and informative. This has pretty much confirmed that my current training by body language and calm assertiveness is the way to go. The girls have meshed and we have a great calm, socialized pack with myself as leader.
Date:  November 15, 2008
Comment:  Saw a TV program that compared wolves and dogs. It showed how wolves and dogs responded differently to a situation that had to do with communicating to a human. It was fascinating. Human standing by a contraption, the device allowed the wolf to get meat from it several times, then a barrier was imposed on the meat. Same experiment done with the domestic dog. The wolf never tried to interact with the human for help to get the trapped meat, but the dog fairly quickly turned to the human to help get the meat. I find this difference very interesting!
Date:  November 8, 2008
Comment:  It sounds crazy, but if I find an abandon wolf cub, I would beg my mom so we can keep it! If we'd let it go, it would be a LONE WOLF!!!! I have a wolf toy, who has 2 names. His names are Kapu and Wolfie. You can call him either one. Hey, he wants to talk. Wolfie says, "Hi! Thanks for saving the wolf family~!" I hope to see an expo next year!
Date:  November 11, 2008
Comment:  Nice site, thanks for information!
Date:  September 9, 2008
Comment:  Just missed the expo.... will know for next year! They are gorgeous!
Date:  August 4, 2008
Comment:  Great website! Lots of info for everyone. Looking forward to going to the expo today. Hope to meet Ukia and Sitka. Thsnk you for doing this.  Marie
Date:  July, 2008
Comment:  1st I have heard about your wolves. Looking forward to the expo. They along with African wildlife and whales, are stamped in my heart forever. Doreen
Date:  July, 2008
Comment:  Continued success with your programs, keep up the work of informing people for the need of something like this. Thank you for all you do...June Votava
Date:  July, 2008
Comment:  I heard about the wolf expo here on LI last year but was unable to attend. It looks like a great event, and I love the site & all the info. I hope to be able to make it this year. Thanks for all you do!  ;) Jessie Haynes
Date:  July, 2008
Comment:  I am very glad for what you are doing, hope
 to see you at expo and portion rd
Date:  July 13, 2008
Comments:  Just dropped by to see what was new with you. Loved the pix with your niece.  Glad to see you're having another Expo. Love, Eileen (Tish)
Date:  May 30, 2008
Comments:  Thank you so much for doing this, for the wolves...I want to do what I can to help, but im sadly under the impression that all I can do is watch while others do. I wish so much that could...and because the wolves cant thank you in words, I do for them.
Thank you so much!
Date:  March 17, 2008
Comments:  Keep wolves alive. They are the future.
Date:  March 14, 2008
Comments:  Hi again  its Gabe , just seeing how Ukiah and Sitka are doing, hope their okay.   the lonewolf
Date:  February 21, 2008
Comments:  You and your niece are angels...thank you for doing this for such beautiful spirited animals..few understand how similar the female wolf is to women in general.
Pegi Burdick
Date:  January 26, 2008
Comments:  Hi Teresa just to say hi and we love coming to your store. and thanks for
all your advice and kindness. See you soon.
Rose, Princess and Ginger
Date:  January 23, 2008
Comments:  My class is doing a wolf campaign, I think wolves are the best animals in the world and they need to be saved,
Thank you,  Akeda Hunter
Date:  September 4, 2007
Comments:  Hi my name is Joshua I am 7 years old. This is a really cool site, with really cool pictures of wolves. I hope you can save some of them. I am going to the expo.
Joshua Kimelstein
Date:  September 3, 2007
Comments:  I met you at the street fair in Ronkonkoma. I can't wait to go to the show. I love to look at all the pictures on the wolves on your site.
Hope to see you soon
Gabriel..The Lonewolf
Date:  September 3, 2007
Comments:  Wolves are one of the most beautiful animals. In the 80's I adopted a dog that was supposedly a mixture of collie, Sheppard and malamute or husky.  A few years later at a vet's visit we were informed that he was also part wolf.  He had fangs, we had him for about 13 years when he passed.  He was most definitely my protector.  I had 3 children and he was a terrific animal.  He had to of weighed at least 150 pounds.  He also howled like a wolf.  When we first got him as a pup he actually looked like a little raccoon. He was just beautiful. 
            Sincerely, Joan Ryan
Date:  August 28, 2007
Comments:  Hi Teresa, just to say hello, and tell you how much I'm looking forward to this years Wolf Expo. This year instead of just two of us, I hope to bring along six or so in addition to my daughter and I.  I have my photo of the beautiful Artic wolf looking at me from atop my computer.
Thanks for being there for the wolves!!
Date:  August 5, 2007
Comments:  I am one of the biggest wolf obsessors EVER! Trust me!
And I'm really looking forward to the Wolf Expo this year!
I'm gonna sign that petition to stop the killing of wolves too! It's so evil!!
Date: June 19, 2007
Comments:  I came across your site when looking on the net I think wolfs are lovely animals you have a great site really love looking u keep up the good work.  Jean
Date:  June 11, 2007
Comments:  You are working toward a noble cause, and for a wonderful creature, please keep up the great work, it is admired and appreciated.  All the Best to you and your organization.
Peter Caravousanos, LI Wolves Tournament Baseball. 
Date:  May 24,2007
Comments:  Hi Teresa, Lyn here. It was nice meeting you again and I look forward to the Wolf Expo in Sept. My granddaughter is so excited to be going this year. When I told her today about the work you and Cathy and Michelle are doing for animals, her response was "can I volunteer to help with the animals". Keep up your wonderful work! :-)
Date:  May 9, 2007
Comments:  Hi Theresa, My name is Sonya Johnston. I met your sister Ann recently. She saw my pictures of my wolf and she told me about you raising them in Long Island. She sent me your website. I am thrilled that there are other people out there that loves wolves as much as I do. We got our baby about 3 years ago. She is the smartest creature on this earth. She never seize to amaze me. We have her on 2 acres behind a 5 foot fence with 3 other dogs. She is defiantly the queen of the yard and house. I would not take anything for her. She is very loved and very well taken care of. You guys keep up the good work on informing the public about these great creatures.
Date:  April 4, 2007
Comments:  I am Gina from Alaska and I have saved 4 hybred wolves 5 years now. I want to help and I need help and advice. I received these wolves during 9/11/01 and I spend so much time with them but I want to help more.
Date:  March 11, 2007
Comments:  I applaud you, great work!  
Date:  March 7, 2007
Comments:  Hi! I want to help your beautiful wolves and many others, but unfortunately my age holds me back, I hope one day to be involved and save these majestic wild animals ^.^
Date:  Saturday, January 27, 2007
Comments:  Theresa, The site looks great! I will be sure to promote it nationally. Thanks for being so dedicated to these beautiful animals and taking the time to educate the public about them. :-)
Janice Sclafani ~The Grinning Doggy~
Date:  November 29, 2006
Comments:  I love your website.   Brittny Yauger
Date: Tuesday, November 7, 2006
Comments:  Hi Teresa~It's Aubrey and I love your site~Me and my mom have been looking at all the pictures of your beautiful babies and we are in love~We would love to meet them one day~Also I would love to volunteer and do anything I can to help protect these amazing creatures~Well good bye for now and see ya at work tomorrow :)
Date: Thursday, November 2, 2006
Comments:  Hi Theresa, just got off the phone with you at eBags.  I love this site!! This is just amazing.  Enjoyed reading facts & myths of wolf behavior.  Stay in touch with us.
Date: Tuesday, September 12, 2006
Comments:  Hello, I will continue to visit enjoyed the reading thanks.
Date:  Monday, August 28, 2006
Comments:  Hi Teresa, Lyn here. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the 3rd annual Wolf Expo. I now look forward to volunteering to help in whatever way I can.  Have told many people on an osprey site about the wolves and there is much interest in wolves. Will give them your site address. Thank you for caring for our amazing wolf friends!
Date:  Sunday, August 6, 2006
Comments:  Hi let me know when you are going to be on Long island again to see wolves, could not make one at Smithtown Upsky. thank you Laura Strickland
Date:  Monday, July 31, 2006
Comments:  I first found you out this year, by accident - I saw the expo ad on the penny saver front cover.  My first reaction was to jump for joy. I commend your efforts and hope success prevails. Alexandra
Date:  Sunday, July 23, 2006
Date:  Friday, July 21, 2006
Comments:  Hey Teresa, your site is just did a great great you do all day (wink).  It has left paw prints all over my heart...see you at of luck Stacy
Date: Thursday, June 29, 2006
Comments:  Hi Teresa, The site is very very impressive. Rambo loved the howling. I will try and make it in August. See you soon.
Best of luck, Joel
Date: Tuesday, June 20, 2006
Comments:  Hi Teresa, This is a beautiful site. Looking forward to August 6. Good luck  Adele
Date: Sunday, June 18, 2006
Comments: Hi Teresa, I love this site. You did a Wonderful job. The music is so calm & peaceful.   Adele
Date: Friday, June 16, 2006
Comments:  Hi Teresa :)
Let me introduce myself my name is all so Teresa DeMaio, but I go by Teri :) Please tell me you were not born in 1959 and your middle is not Carol. I thought I was a one of a kind giggle, giggle :D What you do for the wolves is AWESOME :D You make me look good :D
Date: Sunday, June 11, 2006
Comments:  Hi Teresa, I love your site it has been a dream of mine to help out the wolves.  I am so happy to see that you are doing that for them.  I can't wait to meet you and them at the wolf expo see you soon.   Jamie (runs with wolves)
Date: Wednesday, June 7, 2006
Comments: Hi Teresa, Its me Robin. I love this site. It was great to see Ukia and Sitka.  I miss seeing them.  I can remember the first time I saw them and I got wolf kisses. Can't wait to see you.  Talk to you really soon. 
Robin (aka winter wolf). Love ya......
Date: Saturday, June 3, 2006
Comments:  Vader and Juno say hello, and are in full support of your efforts to restore wolves to Long Island. We will do whatever we can to help out!
Mitakuye Oyasin (Lakota) - All things connect
Mike (SilverWolf)
Date:  Friday, June 2, 2006
The site is wonderful.  We are very proud of your work.  Love your sister Anne, niece Tisa and nephew Matthew.
Date: Tuesday, May 30, 2006
Here it is possible
Date: Tuesday May 23, 2006
Teresa, The site looks great. I am glad to see that your heart is in what you do. I look forward to the expo in August. I just might be a vendor! I'll be back to visit and have made you a 'favorite'. Love and Howling Hugs, Nora 
Date: Saturday, May 13, 2006
Teresa, The site is beautiful! I love it. Keep up the good work. You are a treasure! With many blessings, Kathy (Arcana) 
Date: Monday, May 1, 2006
Teresa, I love your poem "With In The Pack"  Penny 

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