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Pet 1st Aid-Safety/CPR Workshops
My True "Loves" Cody & Jesse - 
My True "Loves" Cody & Jesse - 
They are my inspiration...

In addition to our Wolf & Wildlife Programs at "Running With The Wolves, Inc." 
Our 2nd passion is the Love & care for all pets. We are an advocate for pet
 rescue & adoption, as well as spayed & neuter of all pets.  Our workshops are
designed for both adults & children to learn Pet 1st Aid- Safety & CPR in times of
emergency...  We will begin with the HOW TO'S OF PET  1ST AID/SAFETY... 

"What would we do if we had a "KATRINA" event on Long Island? 
Where would we be able to bring our Pets...
What shelter is a PET friendly shelter? 
What hotels on L.I. are a PET friendly hotel? 
What do we need for a PET 1st Aid Kit?

What would I need to have ready for my Pet In an emergency, what supplies should I always have ready... There are many un-answered QUESTIONS... 

Our workshops are available for group rates, we visit schools, libraries, offices,
 & do private in home consultations for the whole family. For 1st time puppy
owners, we teach the HOW TO'S of puppy hood, how to puppy proof your 
home for safety... 

Please call or e-mail for rates & location 
of group workshops in your area.
Teresa DeMaio
631-737-WOLF (9653) or 516- 982-0640


Sebastian 4 Weeks after house fire
"Sebastian's True Life Story" Click Here

My "Sweetheart" she is my Pet Assistant & Rescue partner
"Sweetheart" Story
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Work Shops
Learn How To:
Recognize an emergency
Perform Pet CPR and first aid
Stock a pet first aid kit
Treat common problems & emergencies requiring immediate attention

Included with your Workshop Package:
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First Aid Care Guide
First Aid Care Guide
In Home Pet Manual
In Home Pet Manual
Window Decal - In Case of Emergency
Window Decal - In Case of Emergency
Workshops are 2-3 hours of learning the proper 1stAid/CPR procedures, handling large & small pets and learning the ABC's of Pet Emergency hands on.

"Available for Purchase at any Workshop"

Pet First Aid Book, Available for Purchase at any Workshop
Pet First Aid Book
by Bobbie Mammato, DVM, MPH
Medi+Pet Before the Vet! Over 30 First Aid Items packed in a bright yellow canvas case. Great for home or travel.
Medi+Pet Over 30 First Aid Items packed in a bright yellow canvas case. Great for home or travel.