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"Sebastian" Our Real Life Testimony...
Thursday, August 19th 2004, at 12:30 p.m. a call came to my office telling me my house was on fire.  My first thought was my four legged family... can they save them??  I reached my home around 12:45 p.m. and saw only fire trucks surrounding my house.  I thought for a second that it was a gas leak and my house had blown up...  I then was able to get inside and the firemen had saved my two Huskies from the fire.  They were crate trained and could NOT get out!, or even move inside the house to a safer area.  The firemen pulled them out in their crates and put them on the deck and hosed them down.  I thanked all my angels..  The fire started in my finished basement where my four cats, aged 18 years old, were born, raised and lived... I asked the firemen, did you see my cats?  They didn't know there were additional pets living in my house (yes, I had the Pet Emergency Sticker for my windows, but never put them on).  They started down the stairs again.  Each one of my cats were brought up one by one with smoke inhalations and burns.

The SPCA was called and there was still a chance to save them.  Each one of my cats received pet CPR and oxygen for quite a while.

Because of the quick thinking on behalf of the fire department and SPCA my Huskies and all my cats survived.  Only one cat "Sebastian" received 1st degree burns on all four paws.  He was treated as a burn patient at my vet for over 8 weeks.  He and his litter mates were saved and three out of four cats are still with me.  I sadly just lost one of them, my "Rusty", to old age- he was 20 years old.  I thanked my angels again that I didn't lose him in the fire, but to old age and I truly miss him.

And yes, "Sebastian" is doing just fine.  He's still over 20 pounds and very handsome.

I now teach about Pet 1st Aid/CPR and Safety with hands on knowledge that is so easy to learn.  My 26 years in the health field teaching the two legged has now been transformed to the four legged.

Sebastian and Teresa
"Sebastian" doing Good After
4 weeks of Vet care.

My "Sweetheart" she is my Pet Assistant & Rescue partner
My "Sweetheart" she is my Pet Assistant
 & Rescue partner she travels with me
to all our Pet 1st Aid/CPR Workshops.

"Rusty" & "Sebastian" doing Great Six months after the house fire!

"Brittany" & "McQuade" doing  fine six months after the house fire!

In Memory

"In memory of my "Rusty"
"In memory of my "Rusty"

"Rocky" & "Buddy"
"Rocky" & "Buddy"
My 1st Huskies - In Memory of Their
Love & Kindness
We spent 16 years together!

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