Running With The Wolves

Wolf Seminars & Workshops

Our Wolf & Wildlife Seminars / Workshops are designed for both adults & children of all ages... Learn The Ways Of The Wolf... Wolves...Life In The Pack...How do they live together.  Why do Wolves HOWL?  What do Wolves eat?  Who takes care of the Wolf pups?  How long do Wolves live? Listen to a Wolf Howl... How the "Sawtooth Wolves" of Idaho were raised & lived.  View the video "Wolves At My Door" with Jim Dutcher & his wife.  What's the difference between a "Wolf" & "Coyote", How do Wolves Hunt? & So Much More....

Our Workshops are available for group rates, we visit schools, libraries, churches, as well as girl scout troops & boy scout troops.  

Please call or e-mail for rates & locations of 
group workshops in your area. 

Teresa DeMaio
631-737-WOLF (9653) or 516- 982-0640


Long Island's 3rd Wolf Expo Running With The Wolves

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